NCC Report for the Training year 20-21

For the training year 20-21, a total of 24 cadets were enrolled making a sub total of 52.

The activities for the whole training year are as follows:

  1. Online classes: For the whole of the training year, theory classes were conducted online through PPT slides. Classes were conducted on Saturdays on Google Meet platform.
  2. Corona Awareness programmes: All the cadets actively participated in online Corona Awareness Programmes like,

Drawings and Paintings, Stitching of Face Masks at home, poems on Corona awareness, essays, posters, dance etc which were uploaded in YouTube and on their states updates.

  1. Covid-19 Training:Our cadets have undergone online training on fighting Covid and also Yogadhan.

Seven of our cadets have registered themselves as Covid warriors.

  1. Diya Jalaana: Cadets participated in ‘Lighting the lamp’ for Corona awareness and uploaded the pictures in online platforms.
  2. Arogya Setu App: We prepared a PPT on the procedure to be followed to download the ‘Arogya Setu App’ and circulated among the different groups so as to help in downloading the same.

All the cadets have downloaded the app.

  1. Fit India Abhiyaan: Cadets observed ‘Fit India Abhiyaan’ campaign for one month by involving themselves in activities like running, yoga, playing games, involving in physical activities at home, cyclingetc and uploaded the videos in different online platforms.
SL No Date Activities No of Cadets No of family members and neighbours
01 21/08/2020 Attended the online launching of Fit India-2020 12

ANO- 01

02 22/08/2020 Online discussion

Demo, Yoga, plans

20+1 25
03 23/08/2020 Yoga, poem writing, 20+1 35
04 24/08/2020 Poster, yoga, physical work at field 20+1 40
05 25/08/2020 Yoga, Aerobics, physical work, games 20+1 40
06 26/08/2020 Yoga, aerobics, workouts, cycling 20+1 45
07 27/08/2020 Yoga, run for India, physical work 21+1 40
08 28/08/2020 Yoga, run for India, physical work 21+1 42
09 29/08/2020 Yoga, run for India, aerobics, cycling 21+1 45
10 30/08/2020 Yoga, run for India, physical work 21+1 45
11 31/08/2020 Yoga, run for India, games 21+1 36
12 01/09/2020 Yoga, run for India, physical work, games 21+1 42


  1. International Yoga Day: International Yoga Day was celebrated with the theme ‘Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family. Videos and photographs were uploaded in social media.

Cadets have taken ‘Pledge on Yoga’

“Integrate and Encourage Yoga through Life” pledge on the occasion of 7th international day of yoga  and committed to make all sincere efforts towards making yoga rooted in individual and familial lives, conducted by ministry of Ayush, Government of India.

Cadets have written articles on the importance of Yoga.

  1. World environment day was observed online by creating videos and poems on the theme, “Resolve, Reimagine, Recreate and Restore”
  2. Wall painting: Wall painting competition was conducted on cleanliness. 10 cadets have participated in the same.
  3. Essay on cleanliness: Essay writing on cleanliness was conducted and 12 cadets have participated in the same.
  4. Run for India: Run for India campaign was conducted for one month.
  5. Kargil Vijay Diwas Quiz:Cadets participated in Kargil Vijay Diwas quiz and got the certificates.
  6. Tree Plantation Pakwada: Tree Plantation drive was conducted for 15 days and cadets have planted saplings and taken oath to protect them. Videos were prepared and circulated.
  7. Vocal for Local Pledge: Cadets have taken pledge on ‘Vocal for Local’.
  8. World water Day: World water day was observed on 12th
  9. Online camp by Heartfulness: An online camp by the Heartfulness foundation for four weeks. Cadet Dhanyashree H D, Priyanka, Dhanyashree B A and DeekshithPonnamma have participated in it.
  10. DG NCC Training app: Cadets have participated in the survey on DG NCC App and also downloaded the same.
  11. Constitution day: Constitution day was celebrated by reading the ‘Preamble’ of constitution online and creating posters on the ‘Preamble of constitution’.
  12. Quiz on hand washing: To create awareness on Corona and Cleanliness, cadets participated in a quiz on Hand Washing.
  13. Videos for EBSB Camp: Our cadets prepared videos on Karnataka and Goa for the conduct of online EkBharath, SrestaBharath Camp.

Cadet Ashritha participated in the EBSB camp conducted online.

  1. AthmaNirbharBharath: Twenty two of our cadets have taken part in ‘AthmaNirbharBharath’ Cmpaign and taken oath.
  2. World water day: Cadets participated in the world water day programmes online by making sketches on save water theme.
  3. National festivals: We celebrated Independence Day and Republic day at a grand scale.
  4. SSB Capsule: Five of our cadets have participated in SSB Online Capsule and benefited.
  5. Certificate exams: Five of our cadets have taken up ‘C’ certificate and 21 cadets have taken up ‘B’ certificate exams.

Dr Lt Beena S N